Budget Process Concept Statement


The Budget Process in Pasadena ISD will be developed in such a way as to facilitate the development of a well-defined, well-planned budget that will:

(A)     Ensure Campus/Program needs are met

(B)     Ensure Student needs are met

(C)    Ensure District/Campus goals are met

(D)    Build trust and foster teamwork between all constituent groups served

(E)     Provide for equitable and adequate funding of all schools/programs

(F)     Be easily understood

(G)    Foster community support

So that:       

Student achievement is improved and district-wide programs and facilities are enhanced in quality.




Special Requests
Submit special requests for safety issues only to Associate Superintendent for consideration.

Facility Upgrade Requests
Managers will be notified by August concerning approval of these requests.

Payroll Costs
Include costs for part-time personnel and clerical overtime.  Extra help paid longer than six weeks must be approved by Associate Superintendent.

Accessing New Year Budget
Request budget amendment through Associate Superintendent for possible overages due to next year budget purchases required prior to September or current year overage.

Budget Reviews
Department budgets are due 2/28/2013, and budgets from campuses are due 3/29/2013.