Dual Credit Guidelines


March, 2002

Students can pursue advanced measures for the Distinguished Achievement Program (DAP) through AP courses/testing, National Merit recognition, independent study, or dual credit.  A course taken at an accredited college or university and receiving both college and high school credit is considered dual credit.  Earning a grade of A or B is required for the DAP advanced measures.

Eligibility for the program:

*  Student classified as a senior, TASP exempt by TAAS scores, ACT scores, or SAT scores or qualified through a  test for TASP purposes.

*  Enrollment in advanced courses (AP/PreAP or Honors) at the time of SJC registration.

*  80 average or above in each academic area.

*  Prior approval.


*  A student may not register for a class that conflicts with scheduled high school classes.

*  Prior to registration, students and their parent(s) are required to attend one of the scheduled informational meetings held at San Jacinto College or the high school.

*  Students may, with approval, take the following courses at their own expense:  English 1301, English 1302, Government 2301, and Economics 2301.

*  Advanced level courses (such as Calculus II) not available at the high school may be partially funded by Pasadena ISD.  If approved, the district pays tuition and registration fees for a maximum of two (2) approved courses, one per semester.  All other costs (textbooks, out-of-district fees, late fees, drop/add fees, qualifying test fees, etc.) are the responsibility of the student.

*  The district does not pay for summer sessions or mini sessions.

*  If a student drops or is dropped after the full refund date (prior to the first class) or earns below C, the district will not pay for other dual credit courses.

*  Withdrawal from any dual credit course requires approval by a campus counselor before action by San Jacinto College.  The high school counselor will forward the completed drop/withdrawal form to San Jacinto College.  The student then completes the formal drop/withdrawal procedures at the college.  A student is not officially dropped/withdrawn from a class until the process is completed at San Jacinto College.

*  Premium points are awarded if there is a corresponding high school course receiving premium points.

*  All grades, including F's, appear on the official high school and college transcripts.