2015 Komen Race for the Cure

 2015 Shirt

2015 Komen Team Awards: First Place for total of $83,329(decrease of $14,282)

  • Ranked First Place in the entire Houston area! (Marathon Oil came in second.).
  • Donated $711,916 in 10 years!
  • We are still the only school district to participate as a team!


2015 Team Statistics for 1st-6th District Winners for Total Amount Raised (District Adult Shirts, Student Shirts, and Passionately Pink): $56,756 (increase of $11,314 from last year)

  • 1st Place-Melillo Middle School-$16,500
  • 2nd Place-Gardens Elementary-$3,989
  • 3rd Place- Fisher Elementary-$3,872
  • 4th Place-Schneider Middle School-$2,986
  • 5th Place-Garfield Elementary-$2,946
  • 6th Place-Milstead Middle School-$2,902
  • 18 schools (10 more than last year) raised 68% of our total earnings.
  • 11 schools raised over $2,000.


2015 Team Statistics for Sale of Employee and Student Shirts:

$50,681(increase of $7,633)

  • Employee t-shirts honored 164 employees, 132 survivors and 32 women who have succumbed to the disease.
  • $29,076 (increase of$5,928) was cleared from the sale of 4,543 district-wide t-shirts (increase of 857):2,541 employee T-shirts (increase of 164) and 2002 student T-shirts (increase of 693).
  • The six top sellers of adult shirts were:

            1st Place-Thompson Intermediate School-$1,880

2nd Place-Garfield Elementary-$936

           3rd Place-Milstead Middle School-$840

            4th Place-Lewis CTHS-$836

            5th Place-Garfield Elementary-$820

            6th Place-Transportation-$786

            21 schools sold$500 or more for the sale of adult T-shirts.

  • The six top sellers of student shirts were:

                1st Place-Melillo Middle School-$2,278

                2nd Place-Fisher Elementary-$2,008

                3rd Place-Milstead Middle School-$1,726

    4th Place-Schneider Middle School-$1,666  

    5th Place-Gardens Middle School-$1,634

    6th Pace-Mae Smyth Elementary-$1,364

  • 8 schools sold $1000 or more for the sale of student shirts.


    2015 Team Statistics for Passionately Pink: total of $53,795  (decreased by $16,236)

  • All of our campuses, except 3, participated and 13 departments participated in raising money from Passionately Pink Thursdays and a variety of fundraisers. Forty schools raised more than a $500!
  • The top six fundraisers were:

            1st Place-Melillo Middle School--$13,484

2nd Place-South Belt Elementary-$1,591

            3rd Place-Gardens Elementary-$1,535

            4th Place-Fisher Elementary-$1,170

            5th Place-Teague Elementary School-$1,060

            6th Place-Bailey Elementary-$1,000

  • Gulf Coast Federal Educator’s Credit Union raised $1,000 for our team!

A special thank you to each of you for your time, energy, and effort in serving as positive role models for our students by encouraging them to make a difference in the world, regardless of the cause. As a team, you are the heart and soul of this Race! Thank you for fighting for a cure to eradicate breast cancer forever!