Vanguard Guidelines

Vanguard Community Service Award Guidelines


  1. Minimum of 300 community service hours required
  2. Community service work considered must be done outside of regular school hours
  3. Community service activities must directly benefit people in the community—not the home campus
  4. Participation in service projects assigned for academic credit do not count
  5. Involvement in community projects with at least one organization outside of school including church, Salvation Army, shelters, YMCA, foundations, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, Ronald McDonald House, etc.
  6. Students who serve as office workers, athletic trainers and/or teacher’s assistants and do not have any recorded service hours meeting the above requirements are not eligible
  Additional considerations:
  1. Involvement in school organizations supporting community service and participation in those activities taking place outside of school hours (ex: National Honors Society, Interact, HOSA, Junior Rotarians, Student Council, etc.)
  2. Involvement in Pasadena ISD’s HOSTS program
  3. The initiation and/or leadership in community projects such as fundraising events for non-school activities