Identification of GT Students

Identification of Students

The purpose of the on-going identification process is to determine those students who will most likely benefit from an academic program that is accelerated, enriched and focused on the application and development of advanced level materials and products. Students in kindergarten through twelfth grade will be identified for general intellectual ability. The following identification process meets the Texas State Plan and Guidelines for the Education of the Gifted/Talented. This program is inclusive rather than exclusive. Its purpose is to recognize and develop the ‘giftedness’ and potential ‘giftedness’ of students.


State Goal for Services for Gifted/Talented Students

Students who participate in services designed for gifted/talented students will demonstrate skills in self-directed learning, thinking, research, and communication as evidenced by the development of innovative products and performances that reflect individuality and creativity and are advanced in relation to students of similar age, experience, or environment. High school graduates who have participated in services for gifted/talented students will have produced products and performances of professions quality as part of their program services.


Approximately 5% of Pasadena ISD students will be identified as gifted with the number varying at each campus.


  1. Students may be referred, using the appropriate district form, for the program by:
    1. Teachers
    2. Parents
    3. Counselors
    4. Librarians
    5. Administrators
    6. Peers
    7. Community members
    8. Or the students themselves
  2. Referrals may occur at any time and any grade level throughout the school year.
  3. Notification of open referrals must be communicated to parents at the beginning of each school year.