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Online Master's degree programs
are beginning at GCU.

As a professional educator, you understand the importance of receiving a quality education and the role it plays in the lives of students. To help you be the best educator you can be and advance your career, Grand Canyon University offers a variety of online master's programs beginning this fall.

Sign up for one of our College of Education cohort programs for just $395* per credit hour, a scholarship of more than 20% off tuition! 

GCU program benefits:

  • Academic excellence through quality programs that provide the essential knowledge and skills needed to be effective in today’s complex classroom.
  • Networking opportunities with teachers and instructors from your school district or around the country.
  • Earlier graduation with GCU’s 3 or 4-credit courses.
* New bachelor’s cohort offerings require applicant to have 24 transfer credits
Please contact me with any questions about our programs, available tuition assistance options and numerous resources.

Space is limited. Contact me today!

Monica Mendoza, M.A.
University Development Counselor
[email protected]