The District provides bus transportation to students who live one mile or more from school. Riding a bus is a privilege and not a right.  Transportation will not be provided students attending the school on a transfer. Students riding school buses are subject to audio-visual recording. All buses will load and unload at designated areas.  Please do not park in the designated area when visiting a school.

     Bus routes and stops will be designated annually, and any subsequent changes will be posted at the school and on the district’s website. For the safety of the operator of the vehicle and all passengers, students must board buses only at authorized stops, and drivers must unload passengers only at authorized stops.

     When riding in district vehicles, including buses, students are held to behavioral standards established in this handbook and the student Code of Conduct.  The following rules will be observed by students riding school buses:

    1. The bus driver is in charge.  Students must follow his or her instructions respectfully and promptly and do nothing to distract the driver.  The bus driver will assign seats to students.  The bus driver has the authority to issue bus misconduct slips.
    2. Students should be at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to scheduled bus arrival time.  Buses will not wait for them.
    3. Proper behavior and safety precautions must be observed at the bus stops. Students should stand back from the curb or roadway to protect themselves from traffic.
    4. Students will load and unload the bus at the bus stop closest to the residence of the student.  Students must show respect for the rights of owners of property where bus stops are located. 
    5. Students must remain seated on the bus and never put their arms or heads out of the bus window. Riders must not throw paper or other rubbish on the floor of the bus or out the window.
    6. Students are to observe the rules of classroom conduct when they ride the bus. Disobedience, misconduct or violation of these rules will be reported to the appropriate assistant principal for disciplinary consequences which may include suspension and/or removal from the bus.
    7. Students must not try to get on or off the bus or move about while the bus is in motion. The instructions of the driver should be followed exactly when students are leaving the bus.
    8. Students may ride another bus in an emergency and with a parental note signed by the principal or assistant principal.
    9. Students must keep their belongings in their lap where they will not slide or fall, never on the edge of a seat or in the aisle. This includes books, book bags, band instruments, special projects, packages, coats, etc.   Articles mentioned will not be allowed to displace a student from a seat. 
    10. Bus riders should never tamper with the school bus or any of its equipment. Treat school bus equipment as you would valuable furniture in your home.  Damage to seats, etc., must be paid for by the offender.
    11. Students must board or exit a bus in an orderly fashion. Traffic should stop, but be very careful as you cross the street in front of the bus.
    12. Students shall not carry medication on the school bus.
    13. Students who are not eligible to ride the bus may not ride the bus home with a friend.
    14. Students are not permitted to eat, drink or chew gum on the bus.

    STUDENTS AND PARENTS MUST REALIZE THAT RIDING A BUS IS A PRIVILEGE AND NOT A RIGHT.  Students who violate the above rules may forfeit their bus riding privilege. As provided by law, charges may be filed against any person who intentionally disrupts, prevents or interferes with school transportation.

     Items such as personal clothing, textbooks, purses and band instruments are frequently left on the bus by students. Usually the student will be able to reclaim these items the next time he or she boards the bus, but personal items are the students’ responsibility and the student should check his/her surrounding area for personal items before departing the bus. In some instances, items left on the bus are turned in to the Transportation Office (713-740-0817).

    Some special needs students have transportation arrangements determined by an ARD committee.

    Private Buses

    If you make arrangements with a day care center for transportation, be sure they are able to comply with the school’s starting and dismissal times.