TEA Waiver Restores Memorial Day as a Holiday for Students
Posted on 05/02/2014
Pasadena ISD has received approval from TEA to restore Monday, May 26, as a holiday for students. In addition, the district will provide professional development for staff on that day.  Therefore, students will not be required to attend school on Memorial Day.  However, the day will be a work day for staff to attend professional development.

TEA had initially denied Pasadena ISD approval for a waiver of the make-up days required as a result of weather cancellations in January.  The district received approval to waive the May 26 make-up day under the conditions that staff would still be required to make up the day as staff development.

Students, will not be required to report to school May 26. The day will be a student holiday as originally scheduled.

The Texas Education Agency requires school districts to have at least two make-up days in the school calendar to meet the state’s mandatory number of instructional days in a school year.