Pasadena ISD Fine Arts Program: Seven Student Poems Showcased at Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
Posted on 04/06/2014

Pasadena ISD Fine Arts program is celebrating another win after seven students were selected by the Houston Symphony to have their Haiku poems on display at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Haiku is a Japanese poem, consisting of 17syllables, in three lines of five, which traditionally evokes images of the natural world.

Out of 200 submissions, Pasadena ISD students accounted for seven out of ten Haikus selected that were selected to be displayed at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo during the fall.  

“Thank you to all of the teachers who worked with students in preparation for the Explorer Concert and for sharing some of their haikus with us,” Linda Fletcher, director of Fine Arts said. “We are so proud of all the talented students here at Pasadena ISD.”

Here are the winners:

  • Perla Zuniga, grade 8, Beverly Hills Intermediate
  • Ms. Jacquez's class, Fisher Elementary
  • Group S, Sparks Elementary
  • Makalyn Sepulveda, grade 3, Pearl Hall
  • Hazel Canton, grade 4, Pearl Hall
  • Gabbi Botello, grade 4, Pearl Hall
  • Laura Longoria, grade 4, Pearl Hall