Board Approves Higher Pay Hike, Year-End Bonus for Employees
Posted on 06/18/2013
Board Approves Higher Pay Hike, Year-End Bonus for Employees
Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

  All Pasadena ISD employees will receive a higher-than-anticipated 3.5 percent salary increase for the 2013-2014 school year -- as well as a one percent pay bonus in December.
  Pasadena ISD Superintendent Dr. Kirk Lewis made the announcement on Monday after a special Board of Trustees meeting was called to go over financial matters that had been awaiting final approval by state leaders on a state budget.
  The school board had already announced plans for a 3 percent pay hike for district employees. But with the state budget finalized -- and with action by the legislature to restore about $500 million in school funding cut over the past two years -- the Pasadena ISD board elected to return a portion of the district's restored funds to employees in the form of a more substantial pay hike and a bonus.
  The 3.5 percent hike will be based on the midpoint salary figure for each job position.
  "When the governor signed that bill, it released funds to local school districts that should have been paid to us over the past two years," Dr. Lewis said. "Now that those funds have been restored, the school board agreed to use that one-time funding to offer a bonus to employees."
  Said Dr. Lewis: "They (the Pasadena ISD board members) worked very hard to take care of our employees."