THOMPSON IS: Students Collect Peanut Butter for National Hunger Action Month
National Hunger Month
Pictured here (from left): Row 1:  Deasha Bryson and Madison Tobias.
Row 2:  Daniel Shaffer, Joseph Bouleris, Sean Nguyen, Bryon Schwausch, Camryn Davis, Ramon Ortega, and Thomas Lugo.

  Thompson Intermediate joined forces with the Cheesecake Factory at Baybrook Mall to raise money and collect jars of peanut butter to help drive hunger out of schools during National Hunger Action Month.
  Students collected over 500 pounds of peanut butter for Thompson’s third annual Peanut Butter Drive, earning them a Societal Contributor certificate. 
  Certificates will be used for student’s Rites of Passage presentations at the end of their eighth grade year.
Thompson Intermediate plans to stick to this tradition and spread the word about next year’s Peanut Butter Drive.
  “I hope to collect over 1,000 pounds next year,” Carol Waters, Thompson Intermediate 8th grade teacher said. “It’s for a great cause and know we can do it if Dobie students join us.”