2017 AP Celebrations

AP Celebrations

Excitement mounts as each high school in Pasadena ISD honors Advanced Placement students with campus celebrations for successfully passing AP exams. 2001 students will be presented checks totally almost $200,000 for achieving qualifying scores of 3 or higher to pass and earn college credit honored at colleges and universities across the nation. Students will receive $100 for every AP exam that earned a qualifying score. The award is Pasadena ISD’s way of honoring the time commitment and work ethic required to take a college level course while in high school. District leadership, including representation from the board of trustees, district administration, and AP Lead teachers, along with the campus faculty and student body meet to celebrate this accomplishment.

The district remains committed to expanding the availability of AP courses among students of all backgrounds at each high school campus. As a result, the district has significantly increased participation in the AP program over the last 6 years. The total number of AP exams has more than doubled from 2,924 exams taken in 2011 with 876 exams achieving qualifying scores to 6458 exams taken in 2017 with 2001 exams achieving qualifying scores of a 3 or higher.

“The schools are doing a great job of encouraging students to take challenging courses.” Karen Hickman, Pasadena ISD Deputy Superintendent said. “I think students do understand that hard work pays off.”

May the Scores Be Ever in Your Favor

At PMHS, the AP celebration included a pep rally where the students were treated to Hunger Games style theatrics as AP Calculus teacher, Kevin Ackerman, put on his best Caesar Flickerman impression to emcee the event. After the checks were given to AP scholars, advanced placement students in each grade level were pitted against their teachers in a Hunger Games style obstacle course, Not surprisingly, the teachers reigned victorious.

In addition to the AP scholars, PMHS also recognized their National Merit Scholar Semi-Finalist, Melissa Anderson. National Merit Scholar Semi-Finalists represent less than one percent of the U.S. high school seniors, includes the highest scoring entrants on the PSAT/NMSQT test for each state. Pasadena ISD salutes Melissa Anderson in her achievement of such an elite honor.


PMHS AP Celebration
Caesar Flickerman, aka AP Calculus teacher Kevin Ackerman, hosts the PMHS AP Scholars pep rally.

PMHS National Merit Semi-finalist
Pictured from left to right:
Deputy Superintendent Karen Hickman, Superintendent DeeAnn Powell, National Merit Scholar Semi-Finalist Melissa Anderson, Associate Superintendent Alyta Harrell, and PMHS Principal Jeremy Richardson

PMHS AP Scholars
PMHS AP Scholars were awarded their checks for a qualifying score on their AP exams.


To the Victors, Go the Spoils

Sam Rayburn High School honored their AP scholars with a victory run onto the gym floor to signal the beginning of their celebratory pep rally. With glow sticks for all, the drum line got the crowd moving. After each AP scholar was recognized, the pep rally ended with an impromptu dance on the gym floor.

SRHS AP Scholars

SRHS AP Scholars showing their recently awarded checks for a qualifying score on their AP exams.
District administrators from left to right:
Associate Superintendent Dr. Angela Stallings, Deputy Superintendent Karen Hickman, School Board member Kenny Fernandez, School Board Secretary Nelda Sullivan, and Executive Director of Advanced Academics Marsha Jones

Rallying Around AP Excellence

SHHS celebrated their AP award recipients with a pep rally and BBQ luncheon. The SHHS cheerleaders and drumline cheered the AP students as they entered the luncheon. School board members, PISD district administrators, PISD Lead AP teachers, and SHHS AP teachers celebrated alongside the AP students. 80 SHHS students received their AP Incentive checks as part of the celebration. Each AP student earned $100 for each qualifying score on an AP test taken last year. 

SHHS AP Luncheon

Presenting the awards to AP students, from left to right: School Board member, Marshall Kendrick, School Board Secretary, Nelda Sullivan, Associate Superintendent for Campus Development Dr. Rhonda Parmer, Deputy Superintendent, Dr. Karen Hickman, Superintendent, Dr. DeeAnn Powell, SHHS AP and AP Coordinator, Paula Ballew, SHHS Principal, Andrea Wenke, Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Marsha Jones, and Director of Advanced Academics, Patricia Sermas.

SHHS AP Awards Luncheon

Superintendent Dr. DeeAnn Powel visits with SHHS AP award recipients as they enjoy their BBQ luncheon.

SHHS AP Awards Luncheon

SHHS Principal, Andrea Wenke , shakes the hand of an AP student as they receive their AP incentive check.

SHHS AP Awards Luncehon

PISD AP Science Lead Teacher Paul Gutierrez, who also teachers AP Science at SHHS, congratulates the SHHS AP students as they receive their awards. Also pictured are PISD AP Math Lead teacher Keesha Bruce and AP ELA Lead teacher Eve Emmons.

SHHS AP Awards Luncheon

SHHS counselors Mary Beth Alsdorf and Sandra Nix hand out the AP Incentive checks to SHHS AP students


CTHS held its annual AP Awards Breakfast on Wednesday, November 15, 2017. The event was attended by School Board members, central office administrators and CTHS administrators, counselors, and AP teachers. Parents of the AP students receiving awards we invited to celebrate the outstanding achievements represented by the 146 students receiving $100 for each qualifying score they received on their AP exams last year. Blake Emmons, the Advanced Academics coordinator for CTHS told parents that the qualifying scores on last year’s AP exams were the equivalent of earning 1171 hours of college credit at the University of Houston saving over $758,000 in college tuition. Each student also received a certificate of recognition and a pair of AP Cool sunglasses.

CTHS AP Awards Breakfast

Steve Fleming, CTHS Principal, welcomes the PISD School Board to the AP Awards Breakfast.

CTHS AP Awards Breakfast

Presenting students with their awards from left to right: 11th Grade Assistant Principal, Kristi White, School Board President Vicki Morgan, School Board member Marshal Kendrick, Deputy Superintendent Dr. Karen Hickman, and Associate Superintendent for Campus Development, Dr. Steve Fullen.

CTHS AP Awards Breakfast

Dr. Tom Le, 12th Grade Assistant Principal, presents the Senior AP students for recognition.

CTHS AP Awards Breakfast

AP students show that they are ‘AP Cool’ as they wear their AP sunglasses.

CTHS AP Awards Breakfast

CTHS administrators, PISD dignitaries and CTHS AP award students stand together to show that it is ‘Cool to be Smart’!


AP celebrations will conclude at  PHS in December.