Recruitment and Enrollment

Enrollment Information for 2021-2022


Application and enrollment dates will be updated soon. 

  • Recruitment, Enrollment, and Communication
  • Effective recruitment strategies ensure the overall success of an ECHS. Our plan focuses on the ECHS target population, which meets or exceeds the district’s proportional demographic representation in the areas of at risk, economically disadvantaged, and first time generation college students.   
  • Recruitment materials are designed and distributed to feeder schools and other appropriate locations in the community. 
  • Promotional brochures, applications, and marketing materials are created and distributed in English and Spanish.
  • Stakeholders are informed about the features of ECHS through the website, social media, personal contacts, and recruiting visits throughout the school year.      
  • We offer a district-wide parent meeting as well as those that take place at the high schools and feeder campuses.  ECHS team members present information at intermediate school college nights, open houses, elective fairs, and other school activities when possible.  
  • ECHS Open Houses are held for parents and students prior to the application deadlines.
  • When possible, San Jacinto College hosts open houses for prospective parents and students, so they can to view the campus and ECHS classrooms.
  • A lottery system is utilized when the number of applications exceeds the number of spots available.