Dobie9 opens its doors to Freshmen in South Belt

Dobie9 opens its doors to Freshmen in South Belt
Posted on 01/09/2018
Dobie9 Campus Opening

Administrators at the new Dobie9 campus, located at the corner of Fuqua and Monroe Blvd., welcomed over 900 freshmen in the South Belt area recently. 

The campus exclusively provides ninth grade students with added space for classroom instruction in addition to helping them transition from intermediate to high school. Dobie9 will provide students with the same academic and extra-curricular opportunities as J. Frank Dobie high school, the main campus.

“At Dobie’s main campus we were up to over 4,000 students enrolled and had 35-40 portables. We had outgrown our building,” said Dobie9’s Principal Michael Van Essen. 

Alyta Harrell, associate superintendent of campus development said, “Dobie9 is an environment that provides one-on-one support for ninth graders and prepares them for the transition as sophomores to Dobie Main.”

Administrators expect freshman to leave Dobie9 with seven high school credits and successful completion of three EOC’s (End of Course Tests).

“Freshman year is the most critical year in a student’s high school education. If they get their credits and stay on track the first year, they have a 99 percent chance of graduating. At Dobie9, our goal is to get that number to 100 percent,” said Van Essen.

Funding for the new campus was part of a $175.6 million bond referendum approved by voters in November 2014.