Keller welcomes mayor and community to ‘Leadership Day’

Keller welcomes mayor and community to ‘Leadership Day’
Posted on 02/26/2018
Keller Middle School

by Dwight Henson
PISD Communications

Keller Middle School recently celebrated its 10th anniversary by welcoming Pasadena Mayor Jeff Wagner and over 84 community members to its first Leadership Day.

Mayor Wagner signed the visitor’s globe, toured the archives room and met with students as they portrayed successful world leaders in full costume.

“There are lots of students that are a living museum, sharing information with all of our visitors about who they are, how they’re a leader and what they’ve contributed to our world” said Diane Phelan, principal. 

This year’s Leadership Day is just one of many, according to Assistant Principal Kim Powers. 

“Our goal is to build upon it every year and include more historical figures and have more people from the community come in and enjoy our building with us,” said Powers.

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