1958 Pasadenian

1958 Don Meador1958 PASADENIAN
Don Meador / South Houston HS
Class of 1959 

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Editor: Doylene Byrd, Class of 1958
Pages: 304

NOTING: Book covers the first year of classes at South Houston HS. South Houston students spent the first six weeks of the school year at PHS while waiting out construction delays at their campus. The yearbook records the new faculty at South Houston and devotes dozens of pages to South Houston clubs, sports teams and to the new school's junior and sophomore classes. The 1958 Pasadenian is, in effect, South Houston's first yearbook... Pictorials capture the new construction and temporary overcrowding at PHS and also a flu epidemic that hit the community... Sports section chronicles the exploits of all-state halfback Bert Coan, Class of 1958... Memorial pages pay tribute to junior Marcia Sager and sophomore Stephen Jenkins, both killed in a January auto accident.

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1958 basketball crowd
PAGE 8: PHS student body at a home basketball game

1958 Algebra II
PAGE 25: Algebra II class on the second floor of "Old Main"

1958 Christmas formal
PAGE 47: Dance floor at the Christmas formal

1958 Bert Coan
PAGE 98: All-state halfback Bert Coan breaks a tackle against Brazosport