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OneNote is a digital notebook with sections and pages just like a real notebook. You can add pictures, links, notes, audio, video, and files to any page. OneNote can be synced across devices for access from anywhere and notebooks can be shared for collaboration with colleagues. OneNote is a very powerful tool for both teachers and students.

Training Resources:
Web link -
 OneNote Training Notebook
OneNote Training Section - OneNote Training Section (This can be added to a current OneNote Notebook)
Advanced OneNote Training Section - OneNote Junkie
OneNote Class Notebook Creator - Information
OneNote E-course - Link

OneNote Tips
Getting your Notebooks on all Devices
Part 1 - Where are my Notebooks saved?
Part 2 - How to move a Notebook
Part 3 - Opening Notebooks (on all computers, IPads, and phones)
Sharing OneNote Notebooks - Table
Changing the OneNote Default Program in Windows 8 - instructions
AVID Cornell Notes - OneNote Page

OneNote Handouts and Videos
Handouts  Videos                      How to:
New Notebook   New Notebook create and save a new notebook
Notebook Navigation   Notebook Layout navigate around a notebook
Notebooks - More Actions    syncing, closing, changing display name, notebook color, and location
Exporting Exporting export sections and notebooks
File Menu File > Info notebook settings, location, sync, move, close
Moving Notebooks Moving Notebooks move notebooks from C:// or a personal OneDrive account
Opening a Notebook Opening a Notebook open a notebook on a different device
Pages    creating, copying, and moving pages and subpages
Printing to OneNote  Printing to OneNote print from Office programs to OneNote 
Ribbon - Insert Ribbon - Insert insert file printouts, attachmments, pictures, audio, and video  
Ribbon - Draw Ribbon - Draw change ink color, width, highlight, shapes 
Ribbon - History   find and hide authors, see unread and page versions
Ribbon - Home Ribbon - Home formatting and tagging
Ribbon - Review Ribbon - Review spell check, thesaurus, translation
Ribbon - View  Ribbon - View  page color, ruled and grid lines, page view
Sections    creating, moving, copying, section groups 
Sharing Sharing Notebooks share notebooks in various ways 
Spreadsheets    inserting new and existing 
Tables    inserting and formatting
Training Levels and Progression    for liaisons and trainers 
Web Navigation   navigating the online version of OneNote