Kam’ron Webb: South Houston Intermediate student with NFL dreams

Kam’ron Webb: South Houston Intermediate student with NFL dreams
Posted on 10/31/2019
Kam’ron Webb: South Houston Intermediate student with NFL dreams

By: Kadey Heidrich
PISD Communications


Kam’ron Webb has been playing football since he was three years old.

Webb, now a student at South Houston Intermediate, has gained notoriety for his athletic talent from teammates, coaches and most recently, the Houston Chronicle for his unique ability to play multiple positions on the football field.

Webb has the ability to play multiple positions on the field, but his favorite is quarterback. He enjoys being a quarterback because it gives him an opportunity to lead his teammates. Even when the pressure is on, Webb said he is careful about not showing any signs of frustration if someone makes a mistake or doesn’t understand something the first time. “It’s the difference between being a leader and being a boss,” he said.

Although athleticism may come naturally to Webb, he diligently works on perfecting his throw at daily practices. Webb strives to be the best on the field and notes, “I do it for a lot of people. I do it for my brother and my dad. They wanted me to play in the NFL.”

South Houston Intermediate Coach James Henry believes that Webb is uniquely talented in athletics stating, “Kam is by far the most talented football player that I have ever coached in my 18-year coaching career. His quickness, speed, football IQ, toughness, catching ability and tackling are top-notch, but nothing is more impressive than his throwing ability. His throwing arm is almost on a professional level and that’s what separates him from anyone that’s close to his football talent level.”

Outside of athletics, Webb enjoys school and the bonds he forms with his teachers and classmates. He is in the Connect program and appreciates the mentorship teachers are able to provide, as well as the collaborative learning environment. Webb, now in his second year of the Connect program, said that he feels that his teachers spend more time explaining concepts rather than the old style of “worksheet-test-worksheet-test.”

Gia Spriggs, Webb’s seventh-grade science teacher, notes that while Webb was quiet when he first entered her class, over time he opened up, joked around and showed off his dance moves. Griggs said, “I wanted him to see his potential the way I did.  While we talked about football almost daily…I continued to stress to him the importance of education.  I have seen so much growth and maturity in Kam'ron over the past year.  He's not one to give up, and I am certain he will succeed.” 

One of the factors that has led to Webb’s success, is his support system at school and at home. At school, he has a community of teachers and friends who help look out for him and keep him focused on his goals. At home, Webb has his Mom, who taught him perseverance. “My Mom has grit. She never gives up. She learned that from her Mom. We don’t back down.” he says.

Webb looks forward to attending high school next year and is excited about the challenge of participating in “Friday Night Lights.” In addition, he hopes to join the choir. After completing high school, Webb is determined to play college football at Louisiana State University or the University of Texas at Austin. Once he has completed his undergraduate degree, he hopes to play in the NFL. If the NFL doesn’t pick him up, he would like to become a lawyer or a football coach.