CTHS students win Best Overall Project at Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

CTHS students win Best Overall Project at Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
Posted on 11/30/2020
CTHS students win Best Overall Project at Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

By Kadey Heidrich
Pasadena ISD Communications

After much anticipation, the results of the 2020 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Industrial Craft competition were recently announced, with CTHS students earning Best Presentation and Best Overall Project for the competition. 

The students competed against teams from seven school districts, each tasked with creating a project to be presented at the HLSR. Pasadena ISD’s winning entry was a BBQ pit/smoker that included a table, storage for wood and lights, along with a windmill, all assembled and painted on a skid.  Students began working on the project in September 2019 and had planned to show it in March 2020.  However, the HLSR was canceled days before the showing due to COVID-19 related concerns. 

The idea behind the competition, the first of its kind for the HLSR, was to promote the development of skills in industrial construction and to emulate live work. By participating, students were given an opportunity to create a project in collaboration with several Career and Technical Education pathways including Auto Collision, Construction, Electrical, IT and Welding. 

Prior to starting work on the project, students were required to complete a safety orientation training provided by S & B Engineers and Constructors. After the training was complete, students in each pathway were assigned tasks to complete, some of which required students to adhere to detailed blueprints and guidelines. 

S&B Engineers and Constructors also assembled the competition’s committee roster that included local companies like Turner Industries, ISC Constructors, Performance Contractors and Force Corp. Each contractor was assigned to serve as a mentor for a school district, with Turner Industries serving as the mentor to Pasadena ISD students. While Turner and other mentors were prohibited from working on the project, they provided students with support and answers to any questions they had. 

“I am so proud of our students and instructors,” said Tanya Hagar, Executive Director of Career and Technical Education for Pasadena ISD. “This project was a major undertaking and definitely forced our students to collaborate, stretch their skill level, and think outside the box. It was as hands-on, real world as it gets.”

Many students participated in the project, however, only eight were given the honor of taking part in the winning presentation team. These students include Eduardo Campuzano, Welding, Class of 2020; Jehovany Gomez, Welding, Class of 2020; Liliana Garcia, Welding, Class of 2020; Josue Vazquez, Welding, Class of 2021; Alexis Flores, IT, Class of  2020; Felipe Pena Electrical, Class of 2020; Victor Avila, Construction, Class of 2020; and Bryan Elias, Construction, Class of 2020. 

“As a former Welding teacher, I know how difficult this project was to take on,” said Ezequiel Garcia, CTE Business Partner Liaison for Pasadena ISD. “I am proud beyond words when I look at the final product.” 

After the project was completed, CTHS decided to donate the completed project to the Houston Fire Department Val Jahnke Training Facility. The facility is a longtime business partner and provides support for many of the district’s CTE courses.