Lomax Middle receives national award for high quality teaching and learning

Lomax Middle receives national award for high quality teaching and learning
Posted on 12/16/2020
Lomax Middle receives national award for high quality teaching and learning

Pasadena ISD’s Carter Lomax Middle School is one of only two campuses in the nation to be named an inaugural recipient of the Summit Learning Rise Award.

The Summit Learning committee recognized both schools, including Prairie Heights Middle School in Evans, Colo., during a virtual awards ceremony on Wednesday, Dec. 16.

“The Lomax family is beyond excited to be receiving the Rise Award…because it represents all of the hard work and effort that has gone in to everything that we do every day,” Norma Penny, Lomax principal, said during the event. “We know that the next generation of world-changers will be prepared for whatever they face because of the education and experience through personalized (Summit) learning and that in itself is very exciting.”

The Rise Award recognizes schools that demonstrate a commitment to improving the quality of teaching and learning and building the systems, structures, and culture to achieve these goals.

Lomax Middle School is among nearly 400 schools across the country that participate in Summit Learning, a program that encourages student engagement, strong student-teacher connections and mastery-based learning. 

Lomax began using the Summit Learning program five years ago. Since then, the school has seen measured student growth both in social and emotional learning. The school has also experienced a substantial boost in test scores on the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR), among English Language Learners (ELL) and special education students.

“When we began the journey in Personalized Learning, it was a mindset change in how teachers teach and students learn.” said Penny through a press release. “Through the years, we have seen our students become self-directed learners and teachers build strong relationships with students through mentoring, workshops, and supporting students' individual learning needs.” 

“It is through this work that we were able to support all students, enabling them to access content and develop rigorous and robust projects using a cognitive skills continuum,” she continued. “We are honored to receive the Rise Distinguished Award and so grateful for the hard work of our teachers and students. Lomax is thankful for the incredible support provided by Summit Learning. It allows us to ‘rise’ and make the dream for engaging education into a reality every day!”

Andrew Goldin, executive director of Gradient Learning, the nonprofit organization that leads the Summit Learning program, commended Lomax on the school’s recent accomplishment.

Congratulations to Carter Lomax for receiving our inaugural Rise Award," said Goldin, “This school has created tremendous programs that allow students to reach their full potential, leading to a successful future. This recognition is well-deserved, and Carter Lomax is a model of success that we and other schools can all look to in terms of ensuring students are thriving.”

The Rise Award affirms the hard work of the educators, students and families that came together to constantly improve the quality of teaching and learning, while also creating a safe and welcoming school environment where students master challenging and engaging academic opportunities.

Lomax Wins Rise Award