TEAGUE ES: Librarian Reads Classic Books on Theme Thursdays

TEAGUE ES: Librarian Reads Classic Books During Morning Announcement on Theme Thursdays
Posted on 10/14/2013
Teague Theme Thursdays
  Teague Elementary librarian Stephanie Redwine went fishing one day for a fun book that students would enjoy for their Theme Thursdays. 
  Once she spotted The Rainbow Fish written by Marcus Pfister in the sea of library books, she knew she had to reel it in. 
  Every Thursday, Redwine embraces her inner child and dresses up in a fun costume to look like characters in the books she reads aloud to students during morning announcements.
 Needless to say, Teague Elementary students really get a kick out of their new literary tradition.
After the quick read, she discusses the theme and moral of each story.