THOMPSON IS: Faculty, Staff expect this year to be ‘AMAZING’

THOMPSON IS: Faculty and Staff expect this year to be ‘AMAZING’

Picture here: Thompson Intermediate Assistant Principal Holly Bailey, Counselor Erin Richardson, Principal Toni Lopez, Assistant Principal Darby Hickman, Assistance Principal Wayne Sanders, and Counselor Prudencio Reyna.

   Thompson Intermediate kicked off their first day back for teachers with an “Amazing” MAZE!   
The AMAZING MAZE served as a team boosting activity in which groups of faculty members walked through an elaborate man-made maze in the dark using their flashlights.
Teams encountered roadblocks and were asked to participate in several challenges.
Each teacher had the option to depend on their teammates or complete the challenge solo. They also had to think quickly and reexamine their path to complete the maze.
The purpose of the activity was to get teachers to reflect on how students sometimes encounter roadblocks or take wrong turns but can be guided down a better road to success.
“It was a great experience for everyone and worth every single minute it took to build the structure,” Toni Lopez, the school principal said. “Her team, Darby Hickman, Holly Bailey, Wayne Sanders, Erin Richardson, Prudencio Reyna, Emily Cruz and Jennifer Guerrero, dedicated countless hours and days on their off time to build the structure.”
Thompson teachers plan to focus on the theme, “AMAZING” as they get ready for the new school year.