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Frontline Training Videos
Frontline Triage Form (Now Submit a Technology Work Order and select Frontline)
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Who to Call?

Budget Department:

  • Set up of RevTrak
  • Set up new account codes
  • Overrides on 461
  • Help with Lawson cash receipts
  • Help with coding
  • Help with budget change requests

General Ledger:

  • Grants
  • Cash receipts in Frontline
  • Journal Entries
  • Assets/Inventory
  • Teacher Retirement


  • Requisitions
  • Purchase Orders
  • Vendors
  • Procurement Categories
  • Contracts
  • Awarded Vendors
  • Cooperatives
  • Travel, LPC, and Fuel Card ordering, replacement cards, and approval issues
  • Creating New Vendors
  • Receiving Orders

Accounts Payable:

  • Status of Invoice
  • Check Number
  • Stop Payments
  • Void and Reissue
  • Setting up Non-Employee Payments
  • How to handle Credit Memo’s
  • Employee Reimbursement
  • Travel Reimbursement
  • Check Request
  • Mileage Reimbursement
  • 1099-Reporting
  • Issuing Student Refund Checks
  • Mileage rate
  • LPC/Fuel/Travel Card posting of Expenses
  • Outstanding checks

Jonathan  Collins:

  • Security/Entry Point Access
  • Dashboard Related Issues
  • Report Distribution
  • Notifications
  • Account Code Access
  • ERP Permissions
  • Self Service Center Issues
  • Position Management
  • Organization Maintenance

PISD Procedures


Side Navigation
Simplified Approvals


Request New Vendor
Create Traditional Requisition
Simplified Create Traditional Requisition
Create Blanket Requisition
Simplified Create Blanket Requisition
Create Warehouse Requisition
Simplified Create Warehouse Requisition
Create Punchout Requisitions (Amazon)
Create Project Requisition
Approve Requisition
Search Requisition
Purchase Order Search
Receive Purchase Orders (REVISED)
Simplified Receive Purchase Orders (REVISED)
Requisition Status Explained
Simplified Search for Saved Requisitions
EqualLevel  Create a Shopping Cart
EqualLevel How to Transfer Cart
EqualLevel How to Punchout and Place an Order
Cancel Remaining on PO

Accounts Payable

Create Check Request
Create Employee Advance/Reimbursement Request
Create Non-Employee Advance/Reimbursement Request
Add New Non-Employee for Reimbursement Form
Create Mileage Reimbursement Request
Create Travel Request
Expense Report
Search AP Processes
View Invoices in Frontline
REPORT - Invoice Not Received by Requisitioner
View Check Number
Void Travel Request
Reviewing Credit Card Transactions
Cancel Remaining on PO


New Account Setup Google Sheet
My Accounts (UPDATED)
Budget Change Request (BCR)
Approve Budget Change Request
Accessing 461 Locals in My Accounts
Financial Coding Chart (UPDATED)
Budget Allocation Approval Process
Campus Budget Development Book
Department Budget Development Book

General Ledger

Journal Entry
Import Journal Entry
Import Journal Entry Template
Approve Journal Entry

Cash Collections

Cash Collections Manual for Teachers
Campus Cash Receipts for Bookkeepers/Secretaries
Receipting on New Version Cash Collection Management System
Cash Receipt New Group/Activity Request Form

Credit Cards

Credit Card Form Fillable
District Credit Card Instructions
Travel Card Video Instructions
Simplified District Credit Card Instructions
Approve Credit Cards
Returned Credit Card Transactions