Istation Handouts and Video Tutorials

 A reminder that Istation consists of two parts.

  • Istation Student Application - students and teachers can log in to go through the ISIP Assessment, view supplemental lessons, and/or access the interactive activities.
  • Istation Teacher Management and Report Website - teachers can log in here to view and print reports, as well as manage their classes and view help guides and tutorials.

NOTE:  Once you click the Multimedia Training for a Teacher link, you will need to log onto the Istation website to view these video tutorials.  If you need help with this, click the "How Does A Teacher Log Into the Istation Website" section at the top left of this eCourse.

The link above includes the following information:

  • Logging into the Istation Website
  • Classroom Management
    • Printing Login Cards
    • Student Login Tutorial Video
    • ISIP Assessment
    • On-Demand Assessments
  • Reports
    • Reports Landing Page
    • ISIP Summary Report
    • ISIP Skill Growth
    • ISIP Skill Growth by Tier
    • ISIP Tier Movement
    • Priority Report
    • Student Summary Handouts
    • Classroom Summary Report
    • Progress Reports
  • Recorded Webinars
    • Day One with Istation
    • 5 Simple Steps for Using Istation
    • Basic Report with Istation

Do the following to access Guides and Handouts related to the topics listed below:

  1. Log into the Istation Teacher Reports and Management Website (
  2. Hover over Training Center at the top right
  3. Click View Teacher Related Training or Interactive User's Guide for information about these topics:


Classroom Management:

1. How do I print Istation login cards for my students?

2. How do I manually add students to a class?

3. How do I manually remove students from a class?

4. What is an On Demand Assessment and how do I use it?

Logging On, Using Student Program, and Report & Management Web site:

1. How does a student log onto Istation?

2. How does an educator log onto the Istation website?

3. How do I know a student is taking an ISIP Assessment when using Istation?

4. How much time should a student use Istation?


1. What is the best teacher level report to view once my students have completed their ISIP Assessment?

2. What reports can I use to show growth?

3. Which report is most beneficial for campus or district level leadership?

4. How do I know what skills my students need help with after they have been using Istation?

5. What report is best used in conferences and meetings at the campus or with parents?

6. How do I run a Usage report?

7. What are the Istation instructional tiers?