24’ Pasadena ISD Vanguard Service Award

24’ Pasadena ISD Vanguard Service Award Recipients
Posted on 04/26/2024
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Pasadena ISD held its annual Vanguard Community Service Awards this past Tuesday during the district's monthly board meeting, honoring students who've served the Pasadena community through volunteering. 

Pasadena ISD continues to produce greatness through various educational programs; however, the district focuses on more than an academic background. 

For example, community service plays a huge part in the Pasadena community, and the district highlights how important it is for students to give back to their city. 

Through this point of view, many students throughout the district make it their mission to start thinking about volunteering and serving others than themselves. This shows character and demonstrates beneficial leadership skills that improve a student's life. 

For Pasadena ISD, the reality of volunteering and leadership go hand in hand, and the students who go above and beyond giving back to their community should be honored and celebrated as their efforts have benefited those around them. 

Through their incredible dedication to serving their community, friends, and loved ones, Pasadena ISD couldn't be more proud to honor the top five seniors from all six high schools as they are "Marvels in the Community" in this year's Vanguard Community Service Awards. 

The Vanguard Community Service Awards demonstrate what it means to be active in one's community while recognizing people who have dedicated themselves to promoting community service with honesty and accountability.

Selected by their campus administrators, 30 new faces were awarded this year, earning certificates and goodie bags for their commitment to leadership and success.

Seeing Pasadena ISD high school seniors give back to their city through various forms of community service whether it’s senior citizen and animal care, school organizations, or community events it's truly a beautiful sight to see. 

Over 9,000 hours were accumulated between all thirty students, demonstrating a sense of resilience and devotion to taking on different challenges.

For Pasadena ISD, this builds character within the district as excellence surrounds all students in and outside the classroom.

To see all students honored in this year’s Vanguard Community Service Awards watch the video below. 

This Years vanguard Students are

Dobie High School 

Daniela Garza 

Haylie Cortez 

Dang Pham Huynh Tram 

Quan Nguyen 

Michael Montano 

Dr. Kirk Lewis Career and Technical High School 

Ashley Hernandez

Yun Chiao Chang 

Yazmin Rodriguez

Quoc-An Ngo 

Tina Nguyen 

Pasadena High School 

Litzy Smith 

Gabriela Palomar 

Leonel Cepeda 

Noemy Muniz 

Issac Gomez Aguilar

Pasadena Memorial High School

Samara Tristyn Olvera 

Alexis Rodriguez 

Hannah Brooks 

Alexia Santellanes 

Betzy Maricela Salazar 

Sam Rayburn High School

Gustavo Garcia

Rogelio Rios 

Nolan Ayala 

Nicole Gonzalez 

Thaily Martinez  

South Houston High School 

Karina Robledo 

Rosa Maria Campos 

Bryanna Grace Suarez 

Rebeca Sugey Alvarez Torres 

Cheyenne Elizabeth - Kaye Robertson 

Pasadena ISD thanks all sponsors for ensuring this year's students are honored for their impact. The district greatly appreciates Raising Cane’s, the Pasadena ISD Educational Foundation, and Chevron Pasadena Refinery for providing an experience like no other, honoring those who've contributed to a fight to change the world.