The Return of SkateWorld in Deer Park

The Return of SkateWorld in Deer Park
Posted on 05/21/2024
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January 2023 was one of the most challenging months for several individuals throughout the Pasadena area, especially for business owners like J Malone and his family. Since 1977, Skateworld's roller rink in Deer Park has been a part of Pasadena history for decades until the devastating tornado destroyed the legacy Malone and his family tried so hard to build.

With the first Tornado Emergency warning in the area, no one could truly prepare themselves for what was coming. Powerful winds from an EF3 tornado confirmed the damage in sight; Skateworld had been totaled from inside and out, with the ceiling caving, electrical ruined, and havoc throughout the debris. Everything had to be fixed and remodeled. 

For the last year, owner J. Malone has worked tirelessly to rebuild, construct, and remodel the infrastructure of Skateworld. With history from the original design passed down by his father, it's truly incredible to see the transition from old to new, as this year has been a rollercoaster of planning and design.

Getting to speak with Malone, it's no surprise to hear the relief of his words, "We're finally back open." Monday, May 20, 2024, was the day he finally got to open the doors again, and with new enhancements like color splashes, bathroom fixtures, a limited-edition kitchen, playground area, and an all-new arcade display full of classics to play and earn tickets for prizes; it was a reopening like no other. 

Not only was this special for Malone and his family but also for the Pasadena Independent School District, as Lonnie B. Keller Middle School was honored as the first returning guests to see the remodel for the first time since its closing. 

With smiles, excitement, and pure joy from the Rangers it was impactful to hear how they were one of the last guests in the skating rink before the tornado hit, to being honored as the first individuals invited back to see the new design.

For Principal Eble and many of his staff, it was like a beautiful reminder of Skateworld's historic moments in the community over decades, from parties, field trips, and more. This reopening has everyone ready and rolling to be on the rink once again.
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