District Policy and instructions for personal smartphone access to district email

To the PISD Employees who use personal Smartphones (blackberrys,  iphones, etc.) to access their district emails.  


Prior to our recent upgrade of district exchange email, users were able to connect to our Microsoft Outlook Web Access application to have access to the district email from the smartphone.  As part of our upgrade, Microsoft recommended new security features that subsequently caused issues for some provider's devices.




The Pasadena ISD district does not support, endorse, guarantee, or recommend any personal smartphone devices access to its email systems.  If, at any time, it is possible for a personal smartphone to access email without any district involvement or support, and this access was not done maliciously, the district has no issue.  If the district, in the course of supporting and upgrading its applications, causes this access to be denied, it is not the district's responsibility to reestablish this access, or reimburse employee for any associated costs or services.  The owner of the personal device assumes all risks, as any access to district email services with personal devices are not guaranteed, supported, endorsed, or recommended by the district.  At no time shall the district reimburse any employees for any costs associated with establishing email connectivity on personal cellular devices.


Information for email access:

iOS Devices:


Email server:
If you have NOT moved to Office 365:
If you have moved to Office 365:

Domain name:  -Leave blank-

Your user name: -Enter your full email address-

Your password: -Enter your password-


Android Devices:
              Microsoft Exchange Activesync
              Enter your full email address and password
   If you have NOT moved to Office 365:
   If you have moved to Office 365:

Personal BlackBerry's:

Most service providers are unable to connect to our email, if you choose, you can download a 3rdparty application such as AstraSync to your Blackberry:


AstraSync Application: This application does cost $49.00 per year and is not reimbursable with any district funding.


Email server:

Your email address

Your login ID

Your password

Other Smartphones not listed above:  Check with your provider to see if phone supports Microsoft ActiveSync for email reconciliation.