Maritime Youth Expo 2014

Maritime Youth Expo

Pasadena ISD Maritime is a course in the Transportation, Distribution and Logistics cluster of the Texas Education Agency. We provide students a wide variety of transportation career pathway choices to identify and consider with a heavy emphasis on the water transportation career choices. Safety, Navigation, Packaging and Preservation, Ship Building and Designs, History of Maritime, Transportation of Hazardous Materials, Jobs in Marine Sciences and Economic Impact are just part of the curriculum. We use field trips and business partners to bring current information about the maritime industry into the classroom. Internships and part time jobs related to the transportation industry are highly valued by the students. Our new facilities at the Pasadena Career and Technical High School will help ensure the highest quality education for high school students throughout our area.  The curriculum offered to students includes a variety of logistics options.

Cecil Gray
Maritime Teacher, Dr. Kirk Lewis Career and Technical High School
[email protected]