$100,000 Technology Grant Provides Home Internet Access for Students

$100,000 Technology Grant Provides Home Internet Access for Students
Posted on 01/06/2015

Pasadena ISD is continuing efforts to connect students with 21st century technology and resources.

The district recently received a grant award for $100,000 through the Texas Education Agency Technology Lending Program to improve student access to electronic instructional materials. Funding will provide wireless Internet access to students who need it at select campuses including Tegeler Career Center, Jackson, San Jacinto, South Houston and Southmore intermediate schools to use for educational purposes.

“The needs of the students were determined by a student survey,” Vicki Vallet, director of instructional technology said. “Students will now have around-the-clock access to instructional resources to support classroom instruction.”

The overall goal of the 2014-2016 Technology Lending Program is to increase equity of access to digital learning devices and enhance technology initiatives.

The program will support Pasadena ISD’s 1-to-1 digital technology initiative which has equipped students at intermediate campuses with take home laptops. The goal of the 1-to-1 program is to provide students with a collaborative learning environment using digital technology that prepares students for tomorrow’s workplace.

“The goal of the Pasadena Technology Lending Program is to increase academic achievement and student proficiency with technology as well as to give the teachers an opportunity to digitize their lessons to present daily instruction in a new, innovative way,” Vallet said. “By increasing the number of students who have dedicated technology at school and at home, including Internet access, we will have the opportunity to address the needs of the 21st century learner, transforming Pasadena ISD students into efficient and effective workers by the time they graduate high school so they are ready to enter the workforce and/or pursue post-secondary studies.”

In an effort to fulfill the technology plan, the district is in the process of researching the possibility of installing WIFI towers throughout Pasadena ISD to provide all student with home access.