Volunteer Guidelines

Please check in with the office each time you volunteer on campus. A computerized check-in system or Partners in Pasadena sign-in sheets are provided at each campus. School personnel must know who is in the building. You will be required to present a valid Driver's license for criminal background check.

Record your hours each time you volunteer. We like to keep track of how many hours our volunteers help out and you need to get credit for them!

Wear the identification badge that is provided by the school so that you will be recognized as a volunteer by school personnel.

Volunteers should dress neat and in accordance to the dress policy for the campus. Keep in mind that you are a role model for the students.

Consider things heard or seen at school as confidential.

Do not publicly criticize school personnel or guidelines. If a problem arises, consult with your volunteer coordinator or the campus principal.

Do not discuss your students and their problems publicly. If you need help with a student, discuss the matter professionally with the teacher, counselor, assistant principal, or principal.

Maintain consistent and regular attendance. A minimum of one hour per week is generally given.

Notify your campus coordinator and your teacher or staff person if you must be absent.