Volunteer FAQ

1)  Q What is the HOSTS Program?

HOSTS stands for Helping One Student To Succeed and is a nationally-recognized, structured program that pairs a student who needs help learning to read and write with a community member who wants to make a difference in a student's life. With help from volunteer mentors, students receive the extra attention and encouragement they need to become better students.

2)  Q Who can volunteer?

Any person who wants to make a difference in the life of a child and help a student to succeed in school is qualified to be a HOSTS mentor. Business and service organizations in our community participate in the HOSTS program by promoting HOSTS in the community and by releasing employees to mentor students during their work day.

3)  Q How will volunteers know what to do?

All volunteers will attend an orientation session for information and training. They will be guided and given help throughout the year to insure a successful experience for you and the students. School HOSTS coordinators will be available at all times if help is needed.

4)  Q When do I come?

It is up to the individual to decide what day they come and how much time to spend with the HOSTS program. Most volunteers give from 30 minutes to one hour each week. Schedules are arranged with volunteers so they are assured of working a specific time on a regular basis. This allows the program to fit with busy schedules, and also allows mentors to establish a continuing relationship with the student they are mentoring.

5)  Q Why volunteer?

The success of our community depends on the education that young people receive today. Volunteers in the HOSTS program play a vital role in increasing student achievement and self-esteem. The benefits for students are immerse. The lessons they learn from you will motivate them to be more productive students and citizens in the future. Be a part of the solution; become a HOSTS volunteer. Call today.