Support Staff 


Glenda Collins, Officer Manager. Glenda comes to the department 21 years of experience with the district. Glenda started a Sam Rayburn as an Attendance Clerk. In 1999 Glenda would go on to fill the roles of Registrar and Book Keeper for South Houston High School. In 2009 Glenda was the Administrative Assistant to the Director of Maintenance. In 2014 Mrs. Collins became the Pasadena I.S.D. Police Chief's Office Manager.

Kathy "Kat" Smith, Records Manager, was employed by the P.I.S.D. P.D. on January 06, 2003.  She brings extensive dispatching experience from the private sector. In July 2010 Kat was promoted to Crossing Guard Supervisor.  She currently supervises 80 employees and provides relief and assistance to the Dispatchers and Records Division. February 2016 Kat was promoted to Records Manager and still holds a Masters Telecommunicator License through T.C.O.L.E.

Karen Green, Crossing Guard Manager, started with Pasadena I.S.D. in 2013 in the C & I Department as a Secretary.  She was hired on with the P.I.S.D. P.D. on 10-08-2018 as Crossing Guard Manager. Karen holds a Basic Telecommunicator license where she supervises 80 staff members and provides relief and assistance to the Dispatchers.

Michelle Agerton, Telecommunicator, was employed by the P.I.S.D. P.D. on 09-01-04.  She had worked in the Dispatch Operations part-time since 12-04-03, and comes from an Industrial background. Michelle holds a Masters Telecommunicator license through T.C.O.L.E., a T.C.O.L.E. Instructors Certification and currently serves as the department's field training officer for dispatchers. 

Tamala McDaniel, Telecommunicator, was employed by the PISD PD in April, 2010.  She has prior experience as a dispatcher for Baytown Police Department. "Tammy" holds a Master Telecommunicator license and is involved training new dispatchers.

Roland Johnson, Telecommunicator, was employed by the PISD PD in December 2013.  He has 28 years experience as a Houston Police Officer holding a Master Peace Officer license. Roland currently holds a Basic Telecommunicator license.

Julia De Los Santos, Telecommunicator, was employed by the PISD PD in February 2017. She graduated the University of Houston Downtown with a Bachelors in Criminal Justice and holds a Basic Telecommunicator License.