OneNote Staff Notebooks


 Use staff notebooks to save time, be more organized, and collaborate more effectively across your organization. These can be used at the grade, school, faculty, department, or district-level.  It's up to you on how many to set up and how to organize.  Because OneNote comes on all platforms and all devices, it's easier than ever to learn and collaborate anytime, anywhere, on any device. 


Your OneNote Staff Notebook for Education is organized into three parts:


  1. Collaboration Space -- a notebook for everyone in your group to share, organize, and collaborate.
  2. Content Library -- a read-only notebook where staff leaders can share information with staff members.
  3. Private Notebooks -- a private notebook shared between the staff leader and each individual staff member. Staff leaders can access every staff member notebook, while staff members can see only their own.   

Link to E-course - OneNote Staff Notebook