Web Accessibility Training Resources

Content Portlet


Images Disability Icons

  • Use Alt Text to identify image content (appears as Tooltip because it is also the Title)
  • If image contains the bulk of the message, provide an alternative page or file download with all details
  • Avoid linking from an image unless that is the only function of the image
  • To ensure scalability for mobile devices, use a percentage for the width instead of pixels to size your images
  • WebAIM Alternative Text

Linked Documents and Websites

  • Use Tooltip to indicate destination of link; do not use "click here" as link text
  • Indicate file type as part of Tooltip; attached files should also meet accessibility standards
  • Indicate if site opens in new window as part of Tooltip
  • Attached documents should also be accessible
  • WebAIM Links and Hypertext

Document Accessibility


  • Only tables used for data need to use table accessibility options
  • Do not nest tables within tables
  • WebAIM Accessible Tables

Website Resources

Banner PortletThe text and background are nearly the same in contrast and difficult to read.Graphic showing logical keyboard navigation structureTwo identical images, side by side, of a girl in a field of flowers. One simulates normal color vision. The other simulates color blindness.National Association of the Deaf (opens a new window)WebAIM Accessibility in Mind

Alt Text should include embedded text

Not all users require the use of a screen reader

Use proper heading structure and logical navigation.

People process color and contrast differently

Closed-captioning and transcripts assist the deaf or hard of hearing

Document Containers



  How to insert a video on a web page:

  • Upload desired video on Vimeo or Youtube.
  • Once uploaded, click on the embed tab and copy the HTML code.
  • Return to web page you are editing and switch to HTML editing.
  • Paste the code.