Pasadena ISD Honors Health Care Professional of the Year – Renee Welch

Pasadena ISD Honors Health Care Professional of the Year – Renee Welch
Posted on 06/05/2015
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Health Care Professional of 2014
Pasadena Memorial High School R.N. Renee Welch receives flowers from April Weisdel, district nurse specialist after being name Pasadena ISD's 2014-15 Health Care Professional of the Year. Pictured: Nominees for the award: S
ylvia Moreno, Gardens Elementary; Heather Shirley, Milstead Middle School; Ashleigh Morris, Fisher Elementary; Colleen Hicks, Sparks Elementary; Nicole Seymour, Teague Elementary; Renee Welch, Pasadena Memorial High School; and Misty Harrison, Garfield Elementary. Not pictured: Debra Blum, Red Bluff Elementary.

When it comes to improving the safety, health and wellness of students and staff, school nurses are considered superheroes.  

For the first time, Pasadena ISD is honoring a school nurse as the Health Care Professional of the Year. This individual demonstrates excellence in the nursing practice, advocates for students ensuring that every opportunity is provided for them to receive health care services and makes outstanding contributions to the health and well-being of students and staff in the district. The honor went to Renee Welch, registered nurse at Pasadena Memorial High School.

Each principal was asked to submit the name of a health care professional who met all criteria outlined in the nomination application. Those include the following:

·       Displays genuine concern for the health and well-being of students and staff

·        Aptitude to embrace and work collaboratively with colleagues

·        Strong focus on serving as an advocate for students and families

·        Embraces opportunities to partner with community resources

·        Continues to improve professional practice by seeking relevant staff development opportunities

All nominations were reviewed by a committee. According to district nurse specialist April Weisedel, Welch had not only met the criteria, but exceeded all expectations.

“Renee has consistently gone above and beyond the requirements of a school nurse,” Weisedel said. “She mentors new nurses, creates student health care plans that meet state and national standards for students in Pasadena ISD who require school health related services. Additionally, she serves on multiple committees including a standards committee while maintaining her position as lead nurse for the district.”

A longtime resident of Pasadena, Welch attended all Pasadena ISD schools including South Shaver Elementary, Southmore Intermediate and Sam Rayburn High School, where she graduated in 1977. Welch graduated from the Texas Woman’s University in 1981 with a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing and general sciences.

Shortly after college, she began her nursing career at Park Plaza Hospital as the medical, surgical, E.R. and house supervisor. She later transitioned into nursery care at Jefferson Davis Hospital where she worked in transitional care, NICU and served as director of low birth weight and premature growth and development.

Welch returned to her Pasadena ISD home in 1992 as the school nurse at Williams Elementary, then Park View Intermediate and Pasadena Memorial where she currently serves as the lead nurse.

Her accomplishments have not gone unnoticed.

“We proudly recognize Renee for her dedication and devotion to students, staff and the community,” Weisedel said. “She is our health care superhero and our Health Care Provider of the 2014-15 school year.”