Grant Process

To ensure the district procedures are followed for requesting and accepting funds, the Grants Department should be notified in advance if you intend to submit any request for funding.

For grants of $10,000 or less, see the Approve My Application page for further instructions.

For grants above $10,000, see the diagram below:

Grant Process
The process for grant awards of $10,000 or more is detailed as follows:

  1. Research, review criteria, and disseminate grant opportunities to Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent, and/or Associate Superintendent. 
  2. Receive approval from Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent, and/or Associate Superintendent

  3. From the recommendations of the Associate Superintendents, disseminate information to qualifying campuses

  4. Interested principals or department staff will form Grant Planning Team.

  5. The Grants Dept. will assist the Grant Planning Team with development of project activities, alignment to funding priorities, and assessment of the need. Compose the application narrative.

  6. The Grants Dept. will compose the application narrative, acquire appropriate partners and obtain stakeholder input, as needed.

  7. The Grants Dept. will submit the final draft to the Grants Planning Team for approval, submit the grant budget to the Accounting Dept. for approval, and submit the proposal at least two days prior to printed grant deadline.