Home Wireless Network Instructions

Connecting to the district home wireless network

Only district devices will connect to this router. Personal devices and phones will not connect to the router. Below are the steps to connect your district device to the router. Download these instructions to have at home.

1. Turn on the router.

2. On your district computer, find the wireless icon on the lower right of the task bar.

red arrow icon

3. Find PISDLTE in the list of available wireless connections.

pisd wifi

4. Click on the PISDLTE network and click on Connect.

connecting to wifi

5. Type in the wireless password LTELearn and click Next. (The password is cap sensitive.)

wifi password login

6. The connection should then show the following:

disconnecting to internet

7. Open your internet browser.

google chrome icon

8. Type in in the URL field of the browser.

pasadena website

9. You should then get the login page.

website for palo alto

10. Type in your network Username and Password (the login that you use on your computer) and click on LOGIN.

username and psswrd page

11. When you have successfully logged in you will see the following page.You can then access the internet.

LTE website icon


If you have technical issues, contact your 1:1 campus technician.