Special Education

Collage of Students

 Special education services are provided at all Pasadena ISD campuses. Specialized programs are strategically located throughout Pasadena ISD for students in need of a district class placement. These are known as district classes. If your home campus does not offer the specialized program your child needs, Pasadena ISD will provide transportation to the most appropriate program to meet the child’s individual needs. 

If a student has previously received special education services, the Pasadena ISD home school of your child will hold a temporary Admission, Review and Dismissal (ARD) Committee meeting upon the student registering for school so that the student may start receiving services immediately. 

If a student has not previously received special education services, but you are concerned that a disability may exist, you may request an Intervention Assistance Team (IAT) meeting to consider ways to meet the student’s needs. 

If there is documentation identifying a disability requiring specialized services immediately for the student to be able to attend school, it is suggested that parents contact the campus principal in advance of the time the student is to start school. Reports from hospitals, previous schools and teachers, and other sources will be helpful in determining the needs of your child. 

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