2024-2025 Physicals

2024-2025 PHYSICALS

Pasadena ISD is excited that your student has chosen to participate in UIL extracurricular activities.

PISD requires pre-participation physical exams for all Intermediate and High School students participating in Athletics, Cheer, Dance/Drill Team, or Marching Band(High School ONLY) for the 2024-2025 school year.

A student’s physical and other district required documents MUST be on file with the High School Athletic Trainer or Intermediate Athletic Coordinator before the student will be allowed to participate in any tryout, practice, scrimmage, performance, contest, or game that occurs before, during or after school.

Please utilize the checklist and links below to complete the required forms.

Information for 2024-2025 on campus physicals: (On Campus Physicals)

Pre-Participation Checklist:

  • Pasadena ISD 2024-2025 UIL Pre-Participation Evaluation Form submitted to the High School Athletic Trainer or Intermediate Athletic Coordinator at the student’s respective campus

    (PISD UIL Physical Form)
    o Page 1: UIL Physical Exam Form Signed by Appropriate Health Care Provider
    o Page 2: Medical History Form Signed by BOTH the Parent and the Student

  • Rank One Sport 2024-2025 Online Forms
    (PISD Parent Portal for Rank One Sport)
    o Athletic Participation Packet
    o Emergency Card

Pasadena HS (713) 740-0310
Rayburn HS (713) 740-0330
Dobie HS (713) 740-0370
Memorial HS (713) 740-0390
South Houston (713) 740- 0350
District Athletic Trainer (713) 740-0840