Business Office Procedure Manual

Account Codes
Fiscal Year
Activity Codes
Textbook Codes
Student Parking Lot Codes
Laundry Fees
Fine Arts
Other Department Vending Codes
Budget Code Mapping Rules - Lawson
Function-Object Accounting Matrix
Donations for Hurricane Katrina

Accounts Payable
Department Contact List
Check Writing Schedule
Support Documentation
Sales Tax 
Additional Signatures Required
Receiving Reports
Form to Add New Lawson Vendor
Scholarship Procedures
Sam's & Walmart
Grants & Allowable Guidelines 
Employee & Student Gifts-Awards
Gifts and Award

Activity Funds
Fund Raising-Sales Tax
Susan Komen T-shirt Sales
Book Fairs
Field Day T-Shirts
Fund865 Requirements Clubs
Teacher Vending Mach. Rev.
Ned Show Guidelines

Monitoring Budget Balances
Access the New Year Budget
Coordination of Various Funds

Budgeting Costs for Federal & Grant Guidance Handbook
Cashier's Office
Check Policy
Money Handling Procedures
Contract Services
Professional Services
Consulting Services
Contractor vs Employee Form
Sample Contracts
Contract Approval Flow Chart

Excel Accounting Program
Sample Excel Acct. Sheets

Inventory/Fixed Assets
Asset Categories
New Acquisitions
Asset Templates
Inventory Contacts
Inventory Reports
Inventory Transfers
Donations & Gifts
IAT Form
Catalog# List
Department Contact List
Direct Deposit vs. Live Checks
Payroll Cycle Schedule
Paycheck Sample
Payroll Deductions
Early Payoff: Resign or Retire
Time/Absence Procedures 
Absence Increments
One-Time Pay Codes
PS33 Validation Rules
Pay Codes for Absenteeism
Overtime/Compensatory Time
Trade Days
Work Day Hours
Early Regist./Work One-Time Pay
Fair Labor Standards Act PowerPoint
Timecard Questions & Answers
Early Dismissal Days
Leaves and Absences Information
Lawson Payroll Manual
457 Plan Information
PISD Rules on Solicitation of 403(b)
403(b) Salary Reduction Information
403(b) Transfer, Withdrawal, Rollover
Salary Increases
Benefits Cost Extra Pay/Fed. Funds
Employee Self-Service Handbook
Salary Schedules
Staff Development
Professional Development

Purchasing Manual
Purchasing Do's and Don'ts

National Competition Level
Cellular Phones
Petty Cash Checking Account
Petty Cash - Cash Box

Travel Guidelines
Travel Guidelines Reference Guide
Responsibility Form Local
Responsibility Form Federal
Field Trip

PISD Travel Cards
Field Trip and Medical Consent Form

PO Delivery Schedule
Inventory Asset Transactions
Work Orders
Tagable Items
Stock Orders
Delivery Schedule

Solicitation on Campus

Year End Deadlines
Year End Procedures for Closing Blankets

Administration Bldg. Mail Room Guidelines
Texas Invitational Guidelines

Fair Labor Standards Act Power Point