Grant Personnel:

Grant Writing Department:

Olivia Smith-Daugherty: Executive Director - (713) 740-0865

Rikitra Stewart: Technical Assistance Compliance Coordinator - (713) 740-0868

Erin Comeaux: Grant Technical Assistance Coordinator - (713) 740-0038

Accounting Department:

Bethany Jordan: Assistant Director of Accounting - (713) 740-0004

Zachary Cowey: Staff Accountant - (713) 740-0018

Laurie Alexander: Staff Accountant – (713) 740-0879

The Grant Writing Department should be contacted upon the receipt of a grant award or donation.

Grants are also called “Special Revenue Funds”. These funds allow us to account for specific revenue sources, which are legally restricted to expenditures for specific purposes. Below is a list of grants that have been applied for and awarded. These funds must be renewed each year and since the grant year may not match the Fiscal year, the grant year must be indicated in the account code. If the grant year is 2017-2018, then there must be an 18 in the activity code. The year in the activity code changes with each grant year.  The activity codes MUST be used on any document requiring coding including the RQ10, PO20, PS33 and journal entry requests.

Example: 263.18.001.LEP. It is very important to have the correct grant year in the activity code.


Activity Code breakdown:

263 = the general ledger fund/company

18 = fiscal year of the grant

001 = the general ledger responsibility code

LEP = the program or department code

Grant/Special Revenue Funds

For the grants below all goods and services must be encumbered, received and paid by the ending date. Payment requests for goods, services and travel must be incurred during the grant period. With these funds items cannot be paid or expensed ahead of time.  Certain items can be charged to a prepaid account and then expensed when the event has taken place.


Federal Funds (200-289)

Federal funds are received either directly from the federal government or through TEA.

Fund 206 – McKinney-Vento/TEXSHEP*

Ends 8/31/2018


Fund 211 – Title I, Part A

Ends 9/30/2018


Fund 211 – Title I Priority and Focu