Sam's & Walmart

Sam’s Club Membership

Sam’s Club now requires that each employee who is the designated buyer for their campus/location must go to the membership desk at Sam’s Club and provide them with three documents:  a copy of the Letter from the Comptroller’s Office, a completed Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification, and a Canceled Check.  Sam’s Club will enter pertinent information into their computer system and a membership card will be issued.  This card will be updated yearly.  You will then be able to use this card to buy supplies for your school.

Sam’s Club now offers a campus card, with this card you do not need to designate the members.  This is extremely helpful when a campus has staff turnover.  The district is not paying $45.00 for a member that is no longer employed at PISD.

With each Sam's membership that is purchased the primary card holder is entitled to add 1 member free of charge and up to eight other members for a cost of $45.00 each.  The free membership should be utilized by another individual on the campus that will need a Sam's card.

Since this is a business account, spouses, retirees, and other non-employees are not allowed to have the free membership or be added to the school membership.

A Sam’s Plus membership cannot be purchased using federal funds or local funds due to the fact that users can redeem the rebate for cash.


Wal-Mart Club Membership

Wal-Mart is re-designing their “Tax-Free” customer programs.  Each employee wishing to purchase from Wal-Mart tax-free must register with their validation program.  Each person must take tax-free documentation (Pasadena ISD tax-exempt form is acceptable) to the customer service desk along with Pasadena ISD identification and fill out the required form.  Once approved, you will receive a new tax-exempt customer card matched to your name.  Only customers with the new exempt customer card number will be tax-exempt.

Since this is a business account, spouses, retirees, and other non-employees are not allowed to use the school membership.