Contract Services

All Professional, Non-Professional, and/or Consulting Services contracts (6200) provided to the District should have a completed contract on file.  If you are unsure whether you need a contract please review this flowchart.

Please see the Contract Procedure Cheat Sheet to determine which contract template is the correct one for the services being provided to your department or campus.

All contracts should be accompanied with a signed Contract Approval Form. No contract signatures should take place until the appropriate contract review has taken place based on the Contract Review Chart below.  Keep in mind that the party that creates the contract should be the last one to sign, so if you are using any of the PISD templates you need to have the vendor sign first and then PISD will sign last after the initial internal review. In the case the vendor provided the contract, then PISD will sign first. Only authorized individuals per CH (Regulation) are allowed to sign contracts for PISD.

All contract documents can be sent electronically for review.  
In addition, we have added a form, Independent Contractor vs. Employee Determination.  You must complete this form when we are contracting with an individual, it will score your answers to determine the status of the person and if the person is to be paid by payroll or accounts payable.  This form should NOT be completed by the Contractor.  If you have questions or need assistance, please call or email Carla Merka in the Business Office.

Contract Procedure Cheat Sheet

Do I Need a Contract Flowchart?

Contract Review Chart

Contract Approval Request Form (rev 06.15.2020)

Independent Contractor vs Employee Determination Form 
(Needed when the Vendor is an Individual)

Professional Services Agreement Template (rev 12.05.2023)
(Use this form for Professional Services)

Non-Professional Services Agreement Template (rev 12.05.2023)
(Use this form for services that are not Professional Services)

ACE After-School Student Enrichment Contract Template
(Use this form for Student Enrichment Service Vendors)

HCDE CASE After School Providers (rev 03.04.2021)

Job/Work Order Agreement Template
(Facilities Only)

Minor Construction Contract
(Used by Maintenance for small on-going projects)

Information on Professional Services
Information on Consulting Services (Non-Professional Services)