To provide guidelines for reimbursement for tips and gratuities during business meetings on behalf of PISD.



A tip (not allowed on Per Diem) is always optional; it is intended to reward good customer service. On the other hand, PISD employees have a fiduciary responsibility to be prudent regarding the use of public funds. Tips are never allowed using Federal or State Funds. Only Local Funds are allowable for gratuities.


Employees may give tips in excess of the established guidelines, but only the maximum amounts will be reimbursed as authorized in this procedure.


Tips for Meals (Dine-in Only)

For the purpose of business meetings or trainings, PISD allows up to a maximum of 15% of the meal expense as a gratuity to the waitperson for excellent service. Gratuities established by a restaurant for parties over a certain number of persons are allowable and will be reimbursed in full providing that the request for reimbursement accompany documents and or receipts that substantiates (time, date, purpose and a list of the attendees) the business meeting. For example, if an establishment accesses an 18-25% gratuity (usually for larger parties) the employee will be reimbursed for the total of the bill.


Tips for Food Delivery for Catering/Meetings/Events

Delivery fees for food often covers the expenses for delivery such as vehicle fuel and use, insurance expense and ‘to go’ supplies (containers, etc.) and not a gratuity for the delivery person. PISD allows a maximum of 10% of the food total to be paid for catering/food delivery expenses.


For example,

Invoice total: $ 75.00

LESS Delivery fee: - 10.00

Food Total: $ 65.00

Maximum allowable tip: $ 6.50


Other tips or gratuities

Reimbursements for tips/gratuities for the following services are considered personal services and are unallowable for reimbursements:

• Maid service

• Valet parking

• Taxi/shuttle/ground transportation

• Baggage handler

• Bell hopper

• Restroom attendant

• Concierge services

• DJ Services