Cell Phones/Pagers

 Cell Phones and Pager Guidelines

Acquisition of cellular phones and pagers, billing, and personal use reimbursement costs are managed within the Budget Office.  Providing cellular equipment, accessories and services to the district are AT&T and Sprint/Nextel.  Paging equipment and services is provided by USA Mobility.   In order to obtain equipment necessary to the function of each individuals work responsibilities, a written request must be submitted to Eliana Pena in the Business Office by the Budget manager at the campus or department level.  The Budget office secretary will work with each individual in selecting the best type of equipment and service plan that is the most cost effective for the district.  The equipment and services are continuously being updated through communication with the respective vendors.  Refer to the Budget Preparation Book for budgeted amount.  All costs associated with cell phones and pagers are summarized and charged to account code xxx-51-xxx-xxx-xxx-6256-xxx for funds other than Food Service which will use 240-51-xxx-xxx-xxx-6299-xxx.  

Cellular Phone Reimbursement Procedures

Each month the invoices are received by the Budget office, reviewed and paid.  If the monthly bill does not exceed the minimum billing, then no reimbursement would be due to the District since there is no additional cost to the District.  If the monthly bill exceeds the minimum billing, then the employee would be required to reimburse the District for all personal calls that cause the monthly bill to exceed the minimum billing at the rate of 40¢ per minute.

For assistance with itemized billing charges,  equipment needs, upgrades,  repairs, or if a phone has been lost or stolen, contact Eliana in the Budget Office at 713-740-0887.