One of our goals is to make accounting for travel or other employee expenses as uncomplicated as possible. The General Appropriations Act of the 71st Legislature established the regulations governing the use of funds from federal sources.  Other guidelines include the IRS Rules-Publication 463 and the Texas Education Code.  These agencies have certain requirements they will enforce when they audit our records.

These rules and regulations provide for a manageable system of ensuring that employees traveling at the request of PISD receive reimbursement for allowable expenses incurred on their trip.

Accounts Payable is required to reimburse employees for their travel expenses based on the rules and regulations governing the source of the funds.

Travel Deadlines to submit mileage in Frontline:

January 31st for the end of the 1st semester

July 31st - for the end of the 2nd semester

August 15th – for the summer

Travel Guidelines (Updated November 2023)