PISD Travel Cards

Bank of America - Travel Cards
Cardholder Instructions

When you receive the Bank of America Travel Card Statement from Accounts Payable each month, you will need to do the following:

  • Verify all charges are correct on the statement.  If there are any charges in dispute, contact the Bank of America customer service number listed on the back of the card.  Make a note of the disputed charges on the statement and information you received from Bank of America.  Normally, a credit or adjustment will be issued for the following month by Bank of America.  
  • Check that the charges are applied to the correct default accounting code as listed on the cover page of the statement.  If this code is not correct, send a request for a journal entry expense transfer to the attention of Terri Long in the Accounting Department.  
  • Attach a copy of all receipts for the travel charges listed on the statement.  Remember that personal charges are not allowed on this travel card.  You must take a tax exempt form with you when making purchases.  The School District is tax exempt and is not to pay taxes.   Have the cover page approved by the proper authority and return it along with the copies of all receipts to Accounts Payable within 10 days of receiving Bank of America Travel Card statement.  
  • Any violations for inappropriate purchases or in the required record keeping will result in cancellation of the account and other disciplinary action as determined by the Superintendent.

If you need to increase the credit limit on your travel, please email the request to your associate superintendent.  If the associate approves the request, it will forward the request to Laurie Pruett in Purchasing. 

  • The request should be taken care of usually in the same day.