Activity Report

Instructions to run Activity Report AC295


  1. Type AC295 into Navigation box on Lawson. Hit enter.



  1. Fill in the Job name AC295XX (XX-your initials).
  2. Fill in the activity code you would like to run (211.11.101.INST).
  3. Fill in account category type with “C” (C=Costs).




  1. Click on “Other Options” tab in the middle of the page.
  2. Fill in the Year (2011) and period (12).
  3. Fill in the “To Date Option” with an “L” (Life to Date=Grant year).



  1. Click Add. 
  2. Click on the Submit box (upper left of page).



  1.  Click Submit.



  1. Click on the Print Mgr box (upper right of  page).                                  ee














  1. Double click on your report and the report will open.



The columns below are the ones you need to look at;

LTD Actual = Life to Date Actual Expenses.

LTD Commitment = Life to Date Commitments and Encumbrances.

LTD Budgeted = Life to Date Budget.

Variance Amount = this amount is calculated (Actual + Commitment – Budget).

Over/Under Tolerance = tells you if you are over or under your budget for that line item.


Also each column has a total.