Match Expenses to PO

GL256 – Actual Expenses with Purchase Order Numbers


1.     Go to GL256.

2.     Fill in your report name GL256XX (XX will be your initials).

3.     Click on the drop down under Reports and click on the report name “ACTUALS-PO#”.

4.     Fill in the year “2006”.  September 1, 2006 this year will change to 2007.

  1. Fill in the periods; you can fill in 1-12 or 9-9.
  2. Fill in the account code information of the account where you need the PO information.


  1. Click Add, only the first time.  Once you have this report set up you will click on change after you make a change.
  2. Click on submit under related actions.  You will automatically go to another screen and click on submit again.
  3. Under related Links click on print files.
  4. Click on your job name and you will see your report.