Frequently Asked Questions

1) Q.  Can We Use Mail Order Companies and Catalogs?

A.  The end user is encouraged to keep requests from mail-order houses to a minimum. PISD has little or no buying leverage with these vendors. The end user should use awarded vendors from the Yellow Pages.
2) Q. How Many Quotes Do I Need?

A.  Review the Purchasing Thresholds for the various funds and procurement procedures.  Please attach the respective quotes in Lawson when submitting a requisition for processing.

3) Q. What is Expiration Date for Catalogs?

A.  Please use up-to-date Catalogs. Pricing, description, and model numbers may be different from year to year. This can cause a serious delay in the delivery of your materials. You should have a quote attached to each RQ10 in Lawson.

4) Q. How Do I Show Our Discount?

A. On discounted items; please reference listed price with/without discount notating the applicable percentage.

5) Q. What is Needed for Book Orders?

A.  Book orders often require an "ISBN" number for processing by vendors. Please provide this information with your requisition. Most textbook orders will be shipped to Textbooks for proper bar coding.

6) Q. What Do I Need to Know about Furniture Orders?

A.  Furniture purchased from an awarded vendor, includes freight charges and inside delivery. "Inside Delivery" means that the delivering company will unload and set the furniture inside the building. If the freight carrier requests that a district employee help unload a truck - the campus should contact purchasing immediately. Please do not be reluctant to "refuse" delivery when necessary. This method is well known to vendors. Normally, it only takes a couple of times before the problems are corrected as the vendor loses money each time the order has to be re-delivered. Please also check the merchandise before use. If any damage is present; please contact Purchasing immediately.

7) Q. Who Sets Up Office Depot Cost Center Orders?

A.  For all questions call (713) 740-0195.

8) Q. What are the State Purchasing Laws & PISD Local Board Policy?

A.  End users should familiarize themselves with state purchasing laws contained in the PISD Board Policy CH (Legal) and (Local). Employees can be held personally and criminally responsible for "Split", "Sequential", and/or "Component" orders that circumvent federal, state, and local bidding laws. Call Purchasing for any clarifications or assistance you may need.

9)  Q. Do I Have to Use an Awarded Vendor or Bid List Vendor?

A.  An "Awarded Vendor" is a vendor PISD may "Legally" purchase materials from. These vendors have been approved by the board through a bidding process in accordance with state laws. A "Bid List Vendor" is a vendor that is awaiting an invitation to bid in the hopes of being awarded a contract by the PISD Board of Trustees.